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Brief History of Toyota | Buy Toyota cars from Sahara Motors Dubai

A Brief History of Toyota: How Did It Become So Popular?

As of 2022, Toyota employs over 370,000 people around the world. However, this wasn't always the case. Over time, this Japanese car manufacturer has evolved both in manufacturing methods and popularity.

But what exactly does the history of Toyota look like? How did this car brand become so popular?

Here, we're going to talk about the history of this company and the vehicles they manufacture. Read on for some facts about where Toyota came from and where the future is taking these amazing cars.

The Early History of Toyota

The founder of Toyota was not named "Toyota" at all, but rather "Kiichiro Toyoda" He went from Japan to both Europe and the US in 1933. His travel goal was to research, understand, and investigate the production of gas-powered vehicles. This was especially important because Japan was at war with China during this time period. They had previously had most of their cars imported after being manufactured in China, but this was no longer happening. Toyoda then founded the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1937 based on what he learned abroad. Kiichiro Toyoda's name was altered to "Toyota" for the company because the Japanese katakana characters that spell "Toyota" have 8 strokes. Toyoda, written in kanji, has many more. 8 is regarded as a lucky number in many East Asian cultures, so this was thought of as an investment in the company's success. The Toyota Corporation steadily grew to match the production od GM and Ford, the two core Japanese car production companies. Though they retained control over most of the market, Toyota began to purchase locally-made GM and Ford products to use in their first vehicle, the Toyota AA.

World War II: Overcoming Challenges

In World War II Japan, all hands were on deck. Toyota dedicated themselves to producing military equipment for the Japanese Army. This equipment mostly consisted of trucks. In fact, Toyota's contributions to the war were so great that the Allied Powers planned to bomb all of the Toyota factories in Aichi. The war ended before this bombing took place. After World War II, the Japanese economy was put under a lot of stress. This was problematic for its people, and those working for the Toyota company were no exception. At the end of 1949, Toyota was facing bankruptcy. Luckily for modern car buyers, the company was able to get a loan from Japanese banks. The only catch was that they run an independent sales operation, which ultimately wound up serving Toyota and its employees well. Still, after getting the loan, things didn't immediately look up for Toyota. They only produced about 300 trucks in the summer of 1950 and were about to shut down shops. There were a lot of layoffs and lower wages, which lead to a worker strike that lasted two months. The strike ended because the company forced its president Kiichiro Toyoda to resign, It then was handed to Taizo Ishida, who managed the company far better.

Growth and Development

At this point, the Korean war came around. Toyota built about 5000 vehicles for the US military at the beginning of this conflict, which made the company relevant once again. Ishida then began to invest in more equipment that gave them an edge over other auto companies like Nissan. Eventually Toyota got to the point of success where they could expand internationally. Toyota motor sales were up, so they created a new research and development facility that let them expand to Thailand. The cars that were available there were exported from Japan. Toyota later began to manufacture cars outside of Japan. Australia, their biggest export market, was the first place that they made a car that wasn't built in Japan. By the end of the 60s, Toyota's presence was global- they'd expanded to Australia as well as Europe and the US.

Toyota Cars in the Present Day

Toyota currently has an 11% market share for the vehicle market in the UAE. This makes it the #1 car manufacturer in areas surrounding Dubai. Toyota models are extremely accessible- you can buy them new or used. The vehicles that you can get today are more fuel-efficient than their predecessors. People all across the world have shifted towards wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, so Toyota has shifted with them. You now can buy vehicles such as the Prius, Yaris, and Corolla all across the world. Today, Toyota manufacturers across the UAE and the world are constantly adding new features to their vehicles. Some of these features include smart key systems, remote air conditioning, dynamic radar cruise control, and high-level safety features. Whether you want a fuel-efficient small car or a larger SUV, Toyota has a model available that you'll love. Plus, you can get it at a low price when you shop with the top Toyota motor sales provider in the UAE. This will let you access all of the best features that Toyota currently offers as well as those they'll develop in the future.

Get an Awesome Vehicle Today

While purchasing a Toyota as your next vehicle is a no-brainer, it's much more rewarding when you understand the history of Toyota, its brand, and its vehicles. Now that you have some insight into these facts, it's time to begin selecting your new ride. We're committed to helping you select the best Toyota model to suit your needs. We're also excited to talk about how we can find you the lowest price for your new vehicle. Contact us to learn more about purchasing a quality car at an affordable rate.


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