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Mr. Ibrahim Hashal Al-Dosari

"A Well-Known businessman in Gulf Countries and the Arab World"

Ibrahim Hashal Al-Dosari is one of the successful models of well-known businessman in the Gulf countries and the Arab world. His career in the world of car trading is more than 40 years. Through his career full of achievements, he was able to build his business a wide reputation through credibility in dealing and adherence to professional ethics. The group has begun to expand by entering into many areas related to car services.

With the passage of time, the Sahara Motors Group of companies passed through the stages of growth and expansion, and its focus began on the goal it set for itself to occupy the forefront of the automotive world in the Gulf countries and the Arab world, and worked on creating promising investment opportunities in the Gulf market, and with the growth of the car market in the Gulf, and the increasing Consumers’ aspirations to get a dream car, the company expanded its vision and put in mind the necessity of filling the void in the supply of cars, auto parts and maintenance services, supported by competitive financing solutions and distinguished services before and after sales, the company has provided the largest selection of new cars from various international brands in The market includes Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and Lexus....and it is considered one of the distinguished companies that provide many types and models of cars under one roof, which helps its customers to find what they want from the first visit when they decide to buy, because they find a wonderful assortment and additional services. Today, the company enjoys a presence in all regions of the Gulf, and supports this presence with a comprehensive guarantee, and thanks to its high credibility, and the quality of its services, the company was able to establish a wide base of clients. During the current year, he will work on implementing a number of important achievements in order to activate his company's strategic plan to enhance its services and offers to consumers in the Gulf, and expand its presence in the Gulf auto market and the Arab world.

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