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Import your Dream Toyota Cars to Bolivia - Sahara Motors Dubai

Import New Toyota Cars To Bolivia

Toyota and Japanese automobile enthusiasts in Bolivia can rest assured that the best quality, top value service is easy and hassle-free with Sahara Motors Dubai’s new car exports from the UAE. We import new cars all over the world and have a decade of experience satisfying customers with our top-of-the-line inventory and dedication to reliability. Whether you’re searching for the iconic new Land Cruiser 300 series or the popular Camry, wagons or hatchbacks, trucks or busses - we have all types of new Toyota vehicles available for import to Bolivia. Take a look at some of our amazing products below.

Sport Utility Vehicles

SUVs give drivers the benefit of safety and comfort on the road, but Toyota adds performance and efficiency to that with the all-new Land Cruiser 300 series. We carry the full line of 2022 and 2021 models. Here’s a sampling of the lineup:


2022 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 300 VXR-Z V6 3.5L AT - With over 70-years of innovation, the new Land Cruisers are better than ever! An update to the frame has cut out 200-kilograms of weight while strengthening the rigidity by 20%.

2022 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 300 GR-SPORT LAUNCH EDITION V6 3.5L TWIN TURBO AT - This GR-Sport Launch Edition has impressive technological features that include a magnificent entertainment system.

2022 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 300 VX-V V6 3.5L AT - The VX-V has a Muti-Terrain System that allows computerized proficiency over varying terrain with the push of a button.

2022 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 300 VX-S V6 3.5L AT - Drive at ease knowing that you and your family are protected with Toyota’s Safety Sense package that includes dynamic radar cruise control, active traction control, and a pre-collision system.

2021 TOYOTA LC200 GX R V8 4.5L DIESEL AT XTREME EDITION - Better handling means increased safety thanks to the redesigned frame on the V8 diesel LC GXR Xtreme.

Pickup Truck

Toyota’s pickup trucks are the right tool for the job when you need proficiency and performance from a vehicle. Our inventory of Toyota pickups is efficient as well as stylish for versatility on the job as well as when having fun. Here is a sampling of some Land Cruiser pickups and other Toyota brand trucks we offer as new car exports from the UAE.

2022 TOYOTA LC 79 SC PICKUP V8 4.5L DIESEL MT - The LC 79 SC Pickup is rough and ready with a powerful V8 4.5L Diesel engine.

2022 TOYOTA LC 79 SC PICKUP LX-V V6 4.0L PETROL MT - The LC 79 LX-V is fully loaded with comfortable seating and a wood grain interior. This efficient V6 engine also has a 130-liter capacity tank and manual transmission. 


2021 TOYOTA LC79 DC PICKUP 6X6 V8 4.5L MT - If you need some serious traction then load up with the LC 79 Dual Cab Pickup 6x6. This work-ready pickup has a beastly V8 4.5L engine and an interior that includes a wood grain package to add some luxury to your work life.


2021 TOYOTA HILUX DC PICKUP ADVENTURE 2.8L AT FLAT TYPE DECK - Unparalleled style and high performance come standard with the 2021 Hilux DC Adventure. With 18-inch alloy wheels and a large screen mounted on the dash for all your infotainment needs, the Hilux makes work more fun.


2022 MITSUBISHI L200 SPORTERO GLS PREMIUM PICKUP 2.4L AT - We also carry the Mitsubishi Sportero! This 2022 GLS Premium Pickup has extreme performance capability and a great interior with extended room and sound-dampening for a quiet ride.


Ever since Toyota debuted their first Land Cruiser Wagons in 1967 they have been popular for efficiency as an off-roader with cargo capacity as well as with a niche community who just love the design. Whether your motivation is business or pleasure, these wagons will surely impress. The LX Limited 70th Anniversary Edition has a lot of aptitude for any job with features that include an electrical winch, differential lock, and navigation system.

This LC 76 LX V8 4.5L Turbo-Diesel has a pretty paint job and rims, but its other features may seal the deal for you. It has a top-rack for extra cargo space and a snorkel on the fuel combustion system for deep wading through flooded terrain.

The retro graphics on this LX V8 showcase the decades of innovation from the Land Cruiser wagon. With a 130-liter diesel tank and snorkel, you can expect to blaze new trails as soon as you order your new Land Cruiser vehicle import to Bolivia! 

You don’t have to decide what or who to leave behind with the LC 78 Hardtop Special. With extended seating and storage space on the inside and out, accept no limitations when traveling in this V8 4.5L manual transmission.

The LC 78 mixes the original design elements of past Land Cruiser wagons with a modern style. This is the new icon of travel over rough terrain, and it looks better than most cars on the road, too.


Safety, comfort, and reliability are what you need from a vehicle to ensure a pleasant trip. Make every dollar count by purchasing a new van or bus from Sahara Motors Dubai that excels in all three necessities for your next road trip. Toyota has made some of the most renowned commercial vans and busses for decades and they just keep getting better! Take a look at some of them here and no doubt you’ll find one that fits your group size and needs.

The 2022 Toyota Hiace Bus is designed for commercial use but with the quality and performance you’d expect from a professional vehicle. It has 13 seats with a high roof that never makes you feel cramped. The a/c and heat blows in the back as well as the front for added comfort. There is also a reverse camera that displays inside the review mirror for extra safety. 

This Hiace GL has impressive power with its diesel engine and plenty of capacity for passengers with 13 fabric and leather seats. The rear door opens extra wide for easy access.

Maximum control is provided with the manual transmission inside this Toyota Hiace GL Diesel. With the high roof and 13 fabric and vinyl leather seats, your passengers will never feel too cramped during the trip. Power door locks, keyless entry, and a rear view camera are a few of its other great amenities.

The 2020 Toyota Coaster High Roof S SPL is the fourth generation of Coaster busses with more innovative safety features than ever before. With driver and front passenger airbags, vehicle stability control, roll-over protection, and force limiters on the seat belts to prevent pressure in the event of an accident, this bus was made with safety as its top feature. That doesn’t mean comfort wasn’t a top priority, however, as it has a built-in refrigerator and high roof for easy movement while boarding and exiting.


The 2020 Toyota Coaster S.SPL is a true bus in every sense with its high roof and seating for 22. Its advanced air conditioning system will keep everyone happy, and the powerful 4.2L diesel engine has the strength to endure the long haul.


The 2021 Lexus LM300H is the ultimate transport vehicle for the busy executive. It seats four in a smooth, two-toned leather interior in ample room for professionals that need to work on the go. The 4-cylinder, petrol-powered engine with self-charging electric motor puts out an impressive 197 horsepower with amazing fuel efficiency.


The Lexus LM300H Executive 7-seater has enough room for a board of directors to travel together in luxury. Space is optimized for work and relaxation inside the lush interior.


Whether you’re looking for a functional, everyday vehicle, or a high-performance sports car, we carry the perfect Toyota sedans and hatchbacks for you. All are designed for style and efficiency, and all are top in class for in-town driving. See for yourself and consider letting Sahara Motors Dubai handle importing your new cars to Bolivia.


Toyota launched the fifth generation of Supra with the 2020 GR Premium 3.0L Petrol AT. Feel and hear the power of its six-cylinder, turbo-charged engine by ordering this amazing sports car from Sahara Motors Dubai. Extremely agile with phenomenal handling, the Supra GR Premium is one of the best new sports cars for the money on the market and a popular model in our inventory of new car exports from the UAE.

The 2021 Toyota Yaris is a commuter sedan with huge value for your money. This 1.5L four-cylinder engine puts out a nice 106 horsepower and 103 pounds per foot of torque. Standard models come with cruise control and satellite radio. If you want a vehicle that can hold up to driving in the city day after day and for a smaller budget, these are great new cars we import from Sahara Motors Dubai.

Toyota advertises the new 2022 Camry SE as “the cure for the common commute,” and it sure does with its optimized fuel economy and technological amenities. This 2.5L engine is a 4-cylinder, 8-speed automatic transmission features great interior gadgets like a 4.2-in. TFT Multi-Information Display for the odometer, outside temperature, fuel economy and trip information.

Hybrid Cars

Toyota has been a pioneer in the hybrid car industry and its models remain among the top performers in sales and ability. With drivers becoming more keen on protecting the environment through lower carbon emissions, hybrid cars have taken off in popularity. Sahara Motors Dubai offers some of the most innovative in this class for drivers who want fuel economy and performance out of a vehicle.


One thing that stands out immediately to most people is that the 2021 Corolla Cross is the best looking Corolla to come out since the 90’s. But the redesigned exterior isn’t the only great feature. The engine draws on gasoline and electricity for power, and it automatically switches itself for more efficiency when driving in traffic or open highways. Inside, a large infotainment screen integrates with Apple CarPlay - a new feature for the Corolla family that will make a lot of tech savvy drivers happy. 


The GLI has a 1.8L 4 Hybrid engine that generates an exceptional 121 horsepower. This front wheel drive, CVT transmission seats five in ample room.

Easy, Safe - Import New Cars from Sahara Motors Dubai

We have been accredited by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dubai, as a Globally Trusted E-Network Member for our outstanding service as leaders in new car exports from the UAE. We’re also internationally recognized for our management system being top quality at serving our customers. Our easy, safe process includes a vehicle transit insurance policy and inspectors who send you photos with a checklist prior to delivery to ensure your complete satisfaction every step of the way. View our awards and accreditation and chat with a live representative about letting us import your new cars to Bolivia here!

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