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Import New Cars To The Colombia

The business of new car exports can be daunting to consumers. Everyone has some fear when they buy anything online. Mostly that fear arises concerning the reliability and trustworthiness of the company they’re dealing with for the first time, especially when the decision is based on only a picture and a promise. The more money involved usually requires bigger promises, and many people miss out on the convenience and options available through internet car buying for the fear of what can go wrong. But Sahara Motors Dubai is renowned for its dependable service as an importer of new cars around the world and has earned the trust of thousands of happy customers. If you are looking for the best company to import new cars to Colombia don’t take a chance on anything less than the best, because Sahara Motors Dubai has operated for ten years of excellence on its motto of: ‘we believe in being reliable.’

Renowned For Service in New Car Exports

Sahara Motors Dubai has been in service for over a decade and we are renowned for excellence as leaders of the new car exports business in Colombia! Our reputation is backed by the accreditation and awards we’ve received from numerous industry insiders and business reviewers. We hold the coveted ISO 9001:2015 Certification, an internationally recognized certificate from members of a multilateral recognition arrangement lauding our business management system. And the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dubai, has given us a GLOBAL TRUSTED E-NETWORK MEMBER CERTIFICATE for our continued dedication in providing the best service to our many clients with online new car imports sales. But the recognition we are most proud of comes from the words of so many satisfied customers who trust us to give them superior service and return to do business again and again. Many of these repeat customers have us import new cars to them throughout Colombia, so follow their lead and discover why Sahara Motors Dubai is the best choice to handle your new car exports!

High Value, Low Stress

Our reputation for great service in importing new cars to Colombia comes from industry awards and thousands of satisfied customers, but, still, you might be thinking that having a new car imported to you is too much of a hassle. Maybe you’re thinking that your new car may get damaged along the way, or that the money spent isn’t worth the wait. Sahara Motors Dubai can assure you that not only is our shipment and vehicle transport service guaranteed safe, but we also deliver surprisingly fast, making the entire experience a high value and stress-free one! 


It all begins the moment you place your order. We immediately begin any customization work to your vehicle and then ship at the soonest available date. All new car exports are supplied with a transit insurance policy, and on its last leg of the journey are thoroughly inspected by a trained agent who sends photos as well as a checklist to you to complete, ensuring your complete and worry-free satisfaction from beginning to end. The solutions we provide to reliably import your new cars to Colombia are also at minimal cost thanks to the relationships and experience we have acquired through a decade of service! Our Toyota brand products mirror our service and business model, of top value, best quality, and dependability!

We Import A Variety Of New Cars To Colombia

Sahara Motors Dubai has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a new dream car to add to your collection, a budget-friendly vehicle to transport you or your loved ones, or a heavy-duty work truck to help you finish those tough tasks on the farm or the job site, we have you covered. Sahara Motors Dubai can also help source Toyota-brand agricultural vehicles. From luxury to utility and everything in between, our inventory of brand-new Toyota cars is ready for import. Here is a brief overview and a small example of what we carry:

Sport Utility Vehicles

Sport utility vehicles are a popular choice for drivers seeking safety and elegance, and our new Toyota SUVs are some of the best on the market. We have the full lineup of brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series - the next generation of Land Cruiser innovation and the pinnacle in sport utility vehicle capability. 

First up, take a look at the all-new Toyota PradoThe bold new look on the exterior is a modern update to an old classic that still holds onto its rugged individuality. The spacious interior has several new amenities but its off-road capabilities remain the defining feature. 

Or consider the awe-inspiring 2022 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 300 GR-SPORT LAUNCH EDITION V6 3.5L TWIN TURBO AT. The full line of next-generation Land Cruiser 300 has swapped the old V8 diesel engines for V6 Twin Turbo powered by petrol. It’s an update centered around the needs of a changing world and doesn’t hamper its ability to tackle tough terrain. With an impressive 409 hp at the crank and a frame that is 200-kilograms lighter with 20 percent more rigidity, the ride will be even smoother than before. 

And the 2022 TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 300 GXR V6 3.5L TWIN TURBO AT showcases the new technology of the next-generation Land Cruisers. After 70-years of excellence, the new Toyota Land Cruiser is still living up to its motto to “go anywhere and everywhere, and bring you back safe and well”. This is better than ever before with the Toyota New Global Architecture platform, and their redesigned body-on-frame vehicles improving the stability and safety both off-road and on. But we also have several other exciting new Toyota model cars available for import to Kuwait, like the popular 2021 FORTUNER EXR 2.7L PETROL 7 SEAT AUTOMATIC.This seven-seater has plenty of room for both the family and all of their cargo. With exceptional handling and a comfortable interior design, there will be no complaints on your next overland adventure. Check out the popular 2021 TOYOTA RUSH G 1.5L AT. It’s got the style and versatility to adapt to any lifestyle. It also has a superb Submersion Height of 60cm so that even the roughest of roads aren’t enough to slow you down. And the 2021 LEXUS LX450D V8 4.5L TD 7 SEATER AUTOMATIC is sure to thrill even the highest standards. Conquer the road with strength and style in the Lexus LX450D. With a potent V8 engine and ample room to seat the whole family in luxurious comfort, you’re sure to turn heads as you pass by. A car built to please any true adventurer, the LX450D is already a popular model among our new car exports from Colombia.

Pickup Trucks

Nothing can handle tough work quite like a pickup truck. Sahara Motors Dubai offers some of the best quality new trucks on the road today for import into Colombia.

And the 2022 TOYOTA LC 79 DC PICKUP XTREME V8 4.5L MT surely is one of the best!

The LC 79 is a legend for off-road capability, and the new 2021 model has improved on that legacy with a heavy-duty 4.5L diesel engine and a lightweight frame for even better handling than drivers of past models are used to. 

Or go with another iconic Toyota model, the 2022 TOYOTA HILUX DC PICKUP ADVENTURE 2.8L AT FLAT TYPE DECK. Designed for the pack leaders, the alpha Hilux Adventure stands out with a bold exterior and enough power under the hood to bruise any ego. With this six-speed automatic and four-wheel drive, no road can elude its superior handling. The new Vehicle Stability Control system for the Hilux DC Adventure also brings updated safety features to a truck that’s at the forefront of vehicle technology.

And for fans of Mitsubishi, we also have the L200 Pickups. This super-truck keeps being voted the favorite of the UK, and it’s no wonder. The aggressive look of the exterior is well-suited to the tastes of truck aficionados and belies the raw brutality waiting to be released from beneath the hood. This monster has been destroying everything from rally races to commercial labor for a long time and is an impressive machine to come out of the Japanese auto industry. Browse through some of its innovative safety features and high-tech entertainment system through the link above, and chat with a live agent from Sahara Motors Dubai about letting us import one of these new trucks to you in Kuwait!


The wagon has long been a popular niche vehicle in Colombia. It’s rugged enough to handle tough terrain while also being efficient as a passenger and cargo transporter. Sahara Motors Dubai has an exquisite inventory of brand-new wagon cars for export in Colombia. Explore new adventures in the Land Cruiser 78 Special Edition 70th Anniversary Hardtop 4.5L- LC70. With phenomenal performance whether on desert tracks or paved roads, it has all the amenities you’ll ever need, including an electrical winch and wireless charger. An all-business workhorse of Colombia, The Sahara Edition is built to never retreat from any tough tasks. The LC 76 MT Premium has even more amenities for your comfort, like a built-in refrigerator, premium leather seats, and panels made with graphite. 


No road trip is successful without two things: safety, and comfort. Toyota makes some of the best vans and busses in the world.

The 2022 Hiace bus can be used by consumers and professional entities. With thirteen large seats and plenty of headroom, no one on this trip is going to complain about being cramped. 

And the Toyota Coaster Bus is quite possibly the ultimate in leisure travel. Don’t worry about leaving anybody behind with this 22-seater. Check out some of its amazing safety features in the link and prepare for a pleasant journey!  

This Lexus LM300H is made for busy executives. An extraordinary amount of interior space means more work can be done on the go.


Up your everyday transport game with one of Toyota’s innovative sedans and hatchbacks.

Toyota Camry 4-cylinder is one of the most popular models in the world for good reason. Toyota Supra is a true sports car with everyday utility!

Hybrid Cars

Toyota has been a leading manufacturer of innovative hybrid cars. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid system draws power from two sources: gas and electricity. And since it produces electricity while you drive, you’ll never need to plug it in! Check out some of their other specifications in the links below.

Sahara Exclusive

And go over to our SAHARA EXCLUSIVE to find some new car models and deals that are hotter than the Saharan sun. You might just fall in love with your new dream cars available for export to Colombia from Sahara Motors Dubai!

For a look at our full inventory and to chat with a live agent, click here.

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