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Brand New Toyota Cars for Sale by Sahara Motors Dubai

Brand New Toyota Cars for Sale by Sahara Motors

As the weather continues to warm up, many of us are dreaming of adventure out on the road. Maybe you want to go drive through the mountains or make your way across the desert. You need a vehicle that can handle rugged rocky terrain and keep you riding in comfort and style during your day-to-day activities. The new Toyota lineup for 2022 offers everything you could want when it comes to both power and design. Read on to learn more about the new Toyota cars we have available at Sahara Motors and find the dream Toyota car that will accompany you on all your future adventures. 

Land Cruiser 
The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 VX-R V6 has a ten-speed AT and an adaptive variable suspension. Its rugged attitude, impeccable design, and 302 HP make this vehicle Toyota’s most prestigious SUV. The Land Cruiser comes in two available engine sizes: 3.3L Twin Turbo AT and 3.5L Twin Turbo AT.
The 3.3L Land Cruiser comes in four available colors: White Pearl, Attitude Black, Gray Metallic, and Dark Blue Mica Metallic. You can get the 3.5L model in two additional colors: Silver Metallic and Avant Garde Bronze Metallic. The Land Cruiser also comes with a multi-terrain driving mode system that covers auto, sand, mud, rock, and deep snow settings. 

Land Cruiser Anniversary Series 
In addition to the 300 models, the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser also comes in five limited-edition models designed to celebrate the seventieth anniversary of this iconic vehicle. You can choose from the 79 DC Pickup, the 71 Hardtop Xtreme, the 76 Hardtop LX V8, the 76 Hardtop LX V6, and the 78 Long Wheel Base Hardtop Special. All of these limited-edition vehicles are available at Sahara Motors. You can get the 79 DC Pickup in two colors, including Red Mica Metallic and Silver Metallic, and the 71 Hardtop Xtreme in both Red and Beige. The 76 Hardtop comes in White and Beige, depending which engine size you get. And you can get the 78 Land Cruiser model in Beige, Blue, and White.

The 2022 Toyota Prado Adventure VXR V6 4.0L AT is built to make your dreams a reality. It has a 4WD mode that can handle anything nature throws in your path, from rugged terrain to slippery roads. This SUV stops at nothing to make sure that no destination is beyond its reach.
You can get the Prado in four different colors: White Pearl, Attitude Black, Silver Metallic, and Avant Garde Bronze Metallic. But as rugged as this SUV is, driving it feels nothing but luxurious. The Prado comes with leather upholstery, wood-grain paneling, chrome-colored side molding, and impressive alloy wheels. 

The 2022 Toyota Fortuner Limited 2.8L Diesel AT is packed with features, but has all the space you need. The Fortuner features flexible seating for seven so you can bring along the whole family or carry some extra cargo. This vehicle is limited edition, but Sahara Motors has them in stock while inventory lasts! The Fortuner comes in five classic colors: White Pearl, Silver Metallic, Attitude Black, Gray Metallic, and Bronze Metallic. This model has 4x4 capabilities and a rear differential lock to keep you on solid ground no matter where you are. And the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system helps to keep you safe as you traverse different terrain.

The 2022 Toyota Raize 1.2L Petrol Automatic provides you all the function and beauty you need from a crossover. It has a spacious cabin with plenty of room to stow luggage, as well as an enriched driving experience. The Raize can take you from your daily activities to your weekend adventures without breaking a sweat. You can pick from six stylish colors for the Raize: White Pearl, White Pearl with a black roof, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, Red, and Black. The Raize has plenty of features designed to keep you safe, from an anti-lock braking system to a starting assist system and more. The sleek interior design will keep you and your family comfortable no matter where your adventure takes you.

The 2022 Toyota Hilux DC Pickup GR-Sport 2.8L Diesel 4WD AT is everything you’ve been looking for in a new Toyota car. You can get four engine options in this truck, including 2.8L, 2.4L Turbo Diesel, 2.7L Petrol, and 4.0L Petrol. You can easily switch between 2WD and 4WD with a simple dial, depending on your needs. The Hilux is only available in one color: white with stylish red and black accents on the doors. It has suspension that’s optimized to provide excellent stability and control as you dive into your latest adventure. The double cab and four-door setup make it easy to load up all your friends and head out for a weekend on (and off) the road.

Discover More New Toyota Cars
Toyota’s new lineup of 2022 vehicles has some amazing features for you to enjoy. From the Land Cruiser anniversary series to the Prado, Fortuner, and Hilux, you’ll find vehicles that can keep up with your every adventure, both on the road and off. All of these vehicles are rugged enough to take on rough terrain and sophisticated enough that you’ll enjoy the ride.
If you’d like to find the best new Toyota cars for you, check out the rest of our site at Sahara Motors. We believe in being reliable, and we have the best selection of new vehicles around. Shop our SUVs today and drive home in your dream car today.

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