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Toyota Prado 2023: Everything To Know & More

The mighty Toyota Landcruiser Prado has primarily been a staple in the off-road world for over six decades, and the Prado in 2023 is no exception. Where almost every other vehicle in its has updated with the times of touchscreens, button-free dashes, and soft-touch materials, The Toyota Prado has largely abstained from a thorough 21st-century overhaul. However, that just might reflect part of its enduring charm.

The Toyota Prado is the mini, family car version of the Land Cruiser, offering drivers a distinct modern design and various interior creature comforts that instill feelings of safety and comfort. Nonetheless, what’s a Prado in 2023 without a large, impressive engine to offer ideal on- and off-road driving conditions?

Introducing 2023’s Toyota Prado

The Toyota Prado offers buyers a bold design combining bold ruggedness with a touch of class and elegance. The chrome grille surrounded by modern LED headlights, fog lights, side stripes, and a streamlined rear to match the front imparts appealing aesthetics.

Although the current model features many of the same base options as the Toyota Prado introduced way back in 2009, the 2023 model includes some refinement tweaks and functional aesthetic changes. At its heart, this Prado is a body-on-frame chassis with a solid rear axle, perfect for lugging groceries or hauling the boat trailer to the coast, as well as turning off the main road and hitting the off-road trails.

An interesting addition to the 2023 Toyota Prado specs lineup is the ‘Utility’ model, complete with steelies, minimal “comfort” options, and an interior that drivers can spray down and wipe out. The Toyota Landcruiser Prado is a worldwide icon, durable and enduring. The latest model is built to Toyota’s high standards and the concept of a 25-year long service life. While some individuals looking for a more plush experience may direct their attention elsewhere, they’ll sacrifice the rugged off-road heritage and sacred reliability in the process.

2023 Prado Off-Road

Few SUVs can keep up with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado on challenging off-road trails. 2023’s Prado is a rugged, four-wheel drive, rugged SUV affording drivers a spacious cabin and a durable diesel engine with notable pulling performance.

One glance at the 2023 Toyota Prado specs shows that the model’s turbo-diesel powertrain received a significant, much-needed boost in power and torque via the 2.8-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder engine mated with the six-speed automatic transmission. 

The latest Toyota Land Cruiser Prado model belongs off the country roads, able to go where other SUV models fear to tread with ease. The 2023 Prado excels at climbing 40-degree gradients and wading through water, bolstered by the low-range gearbox and the advanced suspension decoupling anti-roll bars for maximum wheel travel.

This Prado is no rocketship but still produces 150kW of power and 500 Nm of torque for a responsive experience. The turbo-diesel engine delivers notable motivation and off-road capability, lifted via the six-speed low-range gearing, ready to take drivers wherever their sense of adventure leads.

Though the 2023 Prado does utilize a diesel, drivers need not worry about the associated standard diesel clatter as the Prado’s cabin remains quiet, even at highway speed.

Is the 2023 Toyota Prado a Good Vehicle?

The 2023 Land Cruiser Prado is not the solution for everyone. Not considered as “upscale” as certain Land Rover models by some enthusiasts, the Prado harkens back to an off-roading age of old while still providing many of the modern technology and convenience additions modern drivers love.

The Prado interior is wide, soft, and supportive in both five- and three-seat models, spacious enough for adults to settle in and get comfortable on long road trips. However, it's not only people the Prado can carry with ease. The 2023 Land Cruiser Prado offers plentiful space in the rear, able to contain the largest suitcases with remaining area for camping gear, bikes, etc.

Although the Land Cruiser may not feel as modern as some more luxury-focused selections, 2023’s updated model does provide fancy tech additions designed to make navigating the most treacherous terrain more manageable.

The latest Prado features lockable differentials that increase grip on slippery surfaces, in addition to a “Crawl” feature that helps drivers tackle the steepest inclines with ease. The “old-fashioned” suspension is great at handling knee-deep mud and water, and when combined with the 2.8-liter diesel engine, more than enough for individuals regularly heading off-road or towing a trailer.

The 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a big, uncompromising SUV, offering a great view of virtually every path ahead, whether on-road or off.

Interior Styling

The 2023 Prado comes with Toyota’s standard Touch 2 infotainment system. Some alternatives offer more fashionable interior systems, but the Land Cruiser provides a hard-wearing, functional system with a multitude of steering-wheel-mounted controls and standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration.

Toyota employs premium-quality materials with soft-touch trim and wood trim contrasts at the top of the dash for notable luxury detailing. Buyers may also opt for a beige interior over Toyota’s traditional gray and silver aesthetic for a light, airy, and premium look.

To finalize the interior “creature-comforts,” premium models feature a 14-speaker sound system by JBL, giving drivers a sound quality that is nothing short of spectacular. The Prado also provides a center console cooler box in the front for bottle storage.

Second-row passengers have access to an HDMI port and 12V outlet, in addition to a variety of switches to adjust the climate control and heated seats, dual screens for playing blu-rays, and pairs of wireless headphones.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado - Where Comfort and Off-Road Sensibility Meet

Toyota has an excellent reputation for reliability, and the 2023’s Land Cruiser Prado doesn’t disappoint. Buyers gain an exceptionally reliable vehicle that can tackle the main roads just as well as the storied capability off of it.

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