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Great Place to Work 2023-2024 | Best Place to Work | Sahara Motors Dubai, UAE

Sahara Motors' success is driven by our people. They are more than just employees; they are the architects of our thriving workplace culture and the catalyst for our business success. In light of the vital role our employees play in shaping our future, we have taken a proactive step to seek their valuable feedback by conducting a confidential employee survey. Sahara Motors embarked on a journey of self-improvement in collaboration with the renowned Great Place to Work Organization searching for insights that would further enhance the company's work culture.

The Pathway to Change: In order to maintain the privacy and trust of our workforce, we designed the employee survey to be completely confidential. Respondents' identities were safeguarded by aggregating their responses into groups. By taking this approach, our employees were able to candidly express their opinions about their roles, colleagues, leaders, and the overall work environment. Through collective feedback, we gain a better understanding of our strengths and opportunities, guiding us towards a more productive and harmonious workplace.


It’s official! Thanks to our people, we’re proud to have earned Great Place to Work® Certification™. Our company culture is our top priority! #GPTWcertified 

Guided by Global Expertise: To ensure a rigorous and impartial assessment, we partnered with Great Place to Work, a respected authority on workplace culture with three decades of experience. Their sterling reputation and widespread acceptance as a global industry leader assured us of their credibility and expertise. Companies across the world have entrusted Great Place to Work to conduct similar surveys, underscoring their role as a trustworthy partner in our journey towards creating an exceptional workplace.

A Symphony of Positive Attributes: Our employees' feedback has reaffirmed the key attributes that set Sahara Motors apart as a great place to work:

1.        Job Freedom and Decision Autonomy: At Sahara Motors, we champion an environment where employees have the autonomy to make decisions and contribute meaningfully to our shared success. This sense of ownership fosters creativity and innovation, propelling us to new heights.

2.        Smart Uniforms for a Professional Identity: A significant aspect of Sahara Motors' commitment to an exceptional workplace is the provision of smart and comfortable uniforms for all our employees. Our uniforms not only contribute to a professional and cohesive appearance but also in still a sense of pride and unity among the team. Whether on the showroom floor, or behind the scenes, our uniformed employees embody our brand values and commitment to excellence.

3.        Happy Environment: A culture of positivity and camaraderie permeates through Sahara Motors. Our employees find joy in their work, enhancing their job satisfaction and overall well-being.

4.        Focused Work Environment: With fewer distractions, our employees can fully immerse themselves in their tasks, leading to higher efficiency and quality output.

5.        Empowering Women: We take pride in our efforts to provide excellent facilities and opportunities for our female staff, ensuring an inclusive and supportive workplace for all.

6.        Strong Leadership and Guidance: Sahara Motors boasts a cadre of senior staff and managers who not only provide exemplary guidance but also serve as role models, inspiring our workforce to excel. leadership is a clear vision of the path ahead, exemplifying an unwavering commitment to manifesting that vision into reality. Mr. Subin Rajesh encapsulates this ethos, propelling Sahara Motors toward unparalleled success and illuminating the road ahead for aspiring business leaders.

7.        Timely Remuneration: Employees' hard work and dedication are recognized with punctual salary disbursements, instilling a sense of trust and security.

8.        Flexible Work Arrangements: Our commitment to employee well-being extends to a half-day on Saturdays, and Sunday holiday allowing our workforce to find a harmonious balance between work and personal life.

9.        Convenient Travel Facilities: We understand the importance of accessibility. Providing travel facilities to employees ensures their comfort and convenience, enabling them to focus on their roles.

At Sahara Motors, our journey to becoming a great place to work is ongoing, driven by the passion and dedication of our employees. Through the Great Place to Work survey, we've gained invaluable insights that will guide our continuous improvement efforts. By nurturing a culture of empowerment, inclusivity, and positivity, Sahara Motors is not just a car dealership showroom; it's a thriving ecosystem where employees thrive, ideas flourish, and excellence reigns. We are committed to building upon our strengths and addressing areas of opportunity, shaping a workplace where everyone can contribute, innovate, and grow, propelling Sahara Motors towards a future of unparalleled success.

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