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GM Sahara Motors - Mr. Subin rajesh

Mr. Subin Rajesh: A Visionary Leader Guiding Dubai’s Automobile Industry towards a Bright Future

Success’ has become a common word in today’s world. It can have different meanings in different conversations, situations, and contexts. So, people may understand the nature of success in different ways. Despite this, success means something different to each of us: a personal hobby, health, a good-looking body, a romantic partner, marriage, a happy family, an achievement, money, etc. 


From the perspective of a company in the business world, success becomes a multi-faceted phenomenon. The term refers to the strength of an organization’s financial position, its ability to provide superior products or services, and its reputation in the marketplace – either one of these factors or a combination of them. Additionally, a company must sustain this demanding balancing act over the course of time as they encounter various new challenges. This is the nature of professional success. 


It is the leader’s responsibility to pursue professional success. In the long run, it determines the company’s performance, morale, and future. The job of a leader can be extremely challenging and difficult. On the bright side, leadership can be learnt. By learning from their mistakes, leaders can improve their own capabilities and make better decisions to create a better tomorrow for themselves, their employees, as well as their customers! There are two parts to the amazing success story of Sahara Motors Dubai’s leading car exporter of the renowned Japanese automotive brands, as well as its leader, ‘Mr. Subin Rajesh’. The company was founded in 2011, in Dubai, UAE, to provide quality car export services for clients all over the world. They have developed a reputation as Dubai’s leading and most reliable car exporter by consistently performing well over the past ten years.


Sturdy Leadership, Quality Services and Customer Well-Being: Elements of Success in Business

“Passion for excellence and insight into the future are essential qualities for good leaders. Great leaders are driven by passion. Doers and dreamers are separated by this never-ending source of energy,” Mr. Subin Rajesh says.

Sahara Motors’ success story was a result of his hard work and innovative marketing ideas. Before joining the company, he worked for some of the region’s largest automotive conglomerates. Working within this field especially during the worldwide financial crisis of 2008, was a crucial learning experience. “The experience of the worst of the market collapse in 2009 to 2011 empowered me to believe in myself. From then, I began looking forward to fulfilling the dreams I nurture in my visions,” Mr. Subin recounts. 

In 2011, Mr. Subin established the start-up company Sahara Motors, wanting to distribute new Japanese car exports from Dubai. He also took care to provide good quality customer services alongside transparency in all their business activities to earn customers’ trust and loyalty.

Sahara Motors offers a wide range of choices for their customers. They provide cars from renowned brands like Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hino and Isuzu for international customers. Their range of vehicles include Hybrid Cars, sedans, SUV’s, Pickup’s, buses and many more, within low-cost prices as well as expensive rates as well, to serve a diverse range of customers. They also procure specialized transportation equipment’s for ambulance, trucks, machineries and more.

In addition, their close association with renowned car companies ensure that customers receive the best value for their money, within safety, quality and transportation needs. They also give more services like logistics support and car customization, to help properly take care of their customers’ needs.

Trust, Transparency and Commitment: Keys to Strong Customer Relationships

The company enjoys strong relationships with clients today. Their popular international clients are residing in regions like Middle East, Africa and South America. “We built great relationships with our customers through transparency and commitment to our colleagues, partners and customers. Great customer relationships aren’t built overnight. So, it’s crucial to nurture them at all touchpoints,” Mr. Subin says.

Their motto “We believe in being Reliable” has been guiding them to gain customers’ trust. Throughout, they ensure activities based on trust, respect and transparency. “Successfully implementing such an idea can improve loyalty, reputation and sales. To achieve this, you need to change your business’ mentality to become more structurally receptive, open and friendly. Thus, your business can have stronger customer relationships and also become more profitable. Making use of digital marketing and customer relationship management methods can greatly help you to achieve this,” Mr. Subin gives advice to aspiring business leaders.

Approaching a Bright Future

Mr. Subin has led his company, from small beginnings to international success. They have become one of the leading car export companies of good quality Japanese cars from Dubai to the rest of the world. He shared that he has indeed faced many challenges over the course of the past decade, including financial issues. He thus advices start-ups to ensure that have enough financial support initially and maintain financial well-being over the course of time.

At the peak of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic last year, they struggled with finding new customers. But they learned to survive this by strengthening relationships with their existing customers as well as trying new ways to market their services. “My journey as an entrepreneur has been highly rewarding. My activities as an entrepreneur are fulfilling. With my marketing skills and initiative, I was able to anticipate needs and bring new ideas to our digital marketing platform. This helped us achieve tremendous results,” Mr. Subin explains. 

“Organizations with great leaders know what they’re doing and where they’re going. They are always thinking ahead and leading the organization in the right direction. They see their role as manifesting their vision for the future,” Mr. Subin shares his understanding of good leadership.

In view of the future, the company is committed to delivering quality car export services from Dubai to the rest of the world. “We want to become the leading automobile exporting company of the region. Our long-term plans include adopting new technologies and offering custom products to customers. We already started the process of obtaining ISO 9001 certification to ensure good quality of products and services in international trade,” Mr. Subin concludes.

Courtesy: Apac Entrepreneur


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