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Top Toyota Cars: 2022’s Best Lineup | Sahara Motors Dubai

Top Toyota Cars: 2022’s Best Lineup

Ready to hit the road in one of the world's most comfortable, powerful, and reliable vehicles? Check out the top Toyota cars for 2022!

Toyota brand cars and trucks are synonymous with quality, value, and durability. They're also the number one brand when it comes to resale value, making them a smart investment. If you're gearing up to buy a new car in 2022, you'll want to check out our list of the top Toyota cars. Mentions include trucks and land cruisers for adventure seekers and more stylish designs like the highly-acclaimed Toyota Camry. So grab your keys and let's take a look at the must-see new Toyota cars for sale this year.

Toyota Tundra

For the first time in almost a decade, Toyota has redesigned its most popular full-size pickup truck -- the Toyota Tundra. The 2022 model has a more athletic and muscular appearance thanks to the massive grill and tough styling.  One thing that hasn't changed is the Tundra's outdoor performance. The 2022 full-size pickup can tow up to 12,000 pounds (17 more than the previous model) and boasts a new 3.5-liter twin-turbo v6 engine. Buyers can choose a hybrid option that offers an extra 479 lb-ft in torque. On the inside, you'll find a sports package upgrade and an impressive infotainment system. The truck's new suspension also offers a smoother ride and an adaptive cruise control option. Priced at around $37,645, the Tundra is one of the most affordable full-size pickups in its class. 

Toyota Land Cruiser

The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser is the perfect option for those drivers who like the rugged feel of a truck combined with the space and luxury of a family vehicle. This year's model was designed to be more lightweight, boasting a 450-pound weight reduction from previous years. The new, lighter body-frame design offers better dynamic suspension plus off-road technology to accommodate a variety of terrain. Fans of the traditional Toyota Land Cruiser will instantly notice the 2022 SUV's boxier appearance, high-mounted LED headlamps and three different grill shapes. Under the hood, you can choose from a 3.5 liter twin-turbo v6 engine or a 3.3-liter turbo diesel engine.  You can expect to pay around $140,00 for this impressive, multi-use vehicle. 

Toyota RAV4 Prime

Another classic Toyota SUV is the RAV4. But the 2022 RAV4 Prime is like nothing you've ever seen before. This year, the compact SUV staple is equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Drivers looking for speed will love the vehicle's 2.5-liter inline-four engine which boasts impressive acceleration and fuel economy. The Toyota RAV4 Prime goes from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds and gets you 40 miles per gallon, saving you both time on the road and money at the gas pump. All-wheel drive is standard in the RAV4 Prime. If you plan to use the electric option, you can expect to go 42 miles on the vehicle's electric power alone. On the inside, you'll find heated and power-adjustable seats, ample storage room, and an 8-inch touch screen. This 2022 model is priced slightly over $41,000. 

Toyota Corolla Cross

The Toyota Corolla was the best-selling car in the world in 1974 thanks to its affordability and versatility. In 2022, Toyota lovers will see their beloved sedan become a crossover. This subcompact SUV combines the comfort and ride of a sedan with the versatility and cargo room of an SUV. In terms of size, the Corolla Cross finds a spot between a large RAV4 and a smaller C-HR. Despite its modest size, the Cross stands 6.3 inches higher than similar vehicles in its class and boasts a more pronounced front fascia. Both the hybrid and gasoline variants are available in front-wheel drive with nearly 170 horsepower. As with most of Toyota's cars, the Corolla Cross has numerous safety features including driver assist, collision warning, and pedestrian detection. Drivers also enjoy a standard 9-inch infotainment system, the same as the regular Corolla.The Cross comes with a modest price tag of $23,500. 

Toyota Sienna

Toyota's most popular minivan, the Sienna saw a major makeover for 2022. Now, all models come with a standard hybrid engine, upgraded trim, and a new Woodland special edition model. The Woodland has all the features that you love about the Sienna, plus off-road capabilities. With higher ground clearance, electric on-demand all-wheel drive, and 18-inch alloy wheels, the 2022 Sienna can compete with any family adventure you send its way. Ride in style this year with either a midnight black or cement metallic exterior. Other notable features include roof fails, a 1500-watt power inverter, and a hidden cargo compartment. The modern interior also showcases fold-out leg rests for second-row passengers to guarantee your entire family rides in comfort. The Toyota Sienna is still a reasonable deal at just under $36,000.

Toyota Prius Prime

From a full-size minivan to a more compact vehicle, the Toyota Prius Prime still earns a spot in the top 10 cars Toyota is producing in 2022. The Prius also holds the title of the industry's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle and has been earning praise and attention since it was first released in 1997. Now available in three different trim levels, the 2022 Prius boasts plenty of room for passengers and heated seats. Providing more cargo and storage than previous models and 50 miles per gallon, the 2022 Prius is a steal at just $30,000. Now, one of Toyota's most popular models is as practical as it is reliable. 

Toyota Camry 

Winning hearts for nearly 40 years, the Toyota Camry is a fan favorite that still holds the title of the most popular midsize sedan on the market. The 2022 Camry doesn't stray too far from the design and specs that have made it so popular over the decades. One notable upgrade is to the vehicle's trim level. Camry fans can now upgrade to the Nightshade Edition which offers both interior and exterior trim. You can also purchase this classic Toyota in a hybrid version. Both versions of the 2022 Camry boast roomy interiors and impressive fuel efficiency. Getting nearly 40 miles per gallon on the highway, the Camry is a practical vehicle for singles, couples, and families with children. And with a price tag of $26,420, it's also an affordable choice. 

Which of These Top Toyota Cars Will You Choose?

Car shopping can be stressful, but it doesn't need to be. Especially when you have so many reliable and affordable cars to choose from. The Toyota brand is known for safety and quality and these 2022 models are no exception. You can't go wrong when you buy one of these top Toyota cars. Need help deciding or want to learn more about a specific make or model? We can help. Contact us now so we can get you behind the wheel of your next vehicle today!

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