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Sahara Motors Dubai: Your Ultimate Destination for Toyota Cars

Sahara Motors Dubai: Your Ultimate Destination for Toyota Cars

Did you know that Toyota is the best-selling car brand in the world? In 2021 they topped the sales volumes of all their competitors and dominated the lion's share of the vehicle market. This is nothing new either, as Toyota has been heading up the pack for a number of years. Are you looking for the best Toyota car for your specific needs? Going with the world's most trusted brand is a good start. However, you have to find the right vehicle supplier. No matter where you're located, Sahara Motors Dubai can assist you. According to reports, 40% of vehicle owners experience car buyer regret. Don't let yourself fall into this category. Instead, keep reading to find out how you can select the best Toyota model for your needs and budget through Sahara Motors. 

Our Range of Toyota Vehicles

Sahara Motors is a top-rated exporter of new Toyota vehicles from Dubai U.A.E One of the reasons why buyers from all over the world like working with us is we stock a wide range of Toyota models. If you browse through our vehicle categories, you will see that we offer everything from low-budget options to luxury models, 22- and 23-seater buses, and more. Our selection includes the following. 

Toyota SUVs

In the market for the best Toyota SUV? Sahara Motors currently stocks more than 50 of the best Toyota SUV models. Including models like the:

  • Land Cruiser 300
  • Land Cruiser 200
  • Prado
  • Fortuner
  • FJ Cruise
  • RAV4
  • Rush
  • Raize
  • Sequoia
  • 4Runner
  • Highlander

Toyota Pickup Truck Models

We also have a versatile selection of Toyota pickup truck models. Whether you're looking for a 79 series model for Safari-type conditions or a slick double cab GR Sport, we have you covered. 

Toyota Wagons

If you are in the market for a Toyota hardtop, we have a wide choice of Toyota wagons to choose from. We currently stock 17 different Toyota wagon models, including limited editions such as the 2022 Toyota LC 76 V8 4.5L MT.

Toyota Vans and Buses

If you need to import a dedicated passenger vehicle, Sahara Motors has a selection of the best Toyota buses and vans on the market. These include three different Toyota Hiace models, as well as the 22- and 23-seater Toyota Coaster bus. In addition, we also stock two Lexus van models. 

Toyota Sedans and Hatchbacks

Looking for the best Toyota sedan? Our range of Toyota sedan and hatchback models includes the:

  •  Camry
  •  Supra
  •  Yaris
  •  Corolla

In our hatchback range, we also stock the Kia Cerato. 

Toyota Hybrid Cars

Currently Sahara Motors stocks the two best Toyota hybrid models. We also now stock the 2022 Lexus ES300 Hybrid.

Sahara Exclusive: Best Toyota Models for Rugged Terrain

Besides these categories, we also have a range of Sahara exclusive Toyota vehicles. These include rugged models such as the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Double Cab Pickup Xtreme, the Toyota FJ Cruiser Xtreme Edition, and the Hilux Pickup Xtreme. All of these models are ideal for rough off-road conditions. 

What Makes Sahara Motors Different

You might the wondering, why is Sahara Motors one of the best Toyota exporters to work with? What makes us different and sets up apart? Not only does Sahara Motors stock an expansive range of Toyota vehicles, but we also offer outstanding customer service. Our association with leading automotive brands ensures that our customers receive superior quality and great value for money. If you shop with Sahara Motors, you are guaranteed to be able to find the best Toyota vehicle for your needs, at the best price. Besides providing great value for money, our driving mission is to provide high-quality services to our customers. Your happiness is just as important to us as our bottom line because we know that satisfied customers are what build a thriving business. We take pride in building partnerships that are based on transparency and trust. Buying a vehicle is a big purchase, and having it imported to your country can add stress to the process. We take the hassle out of your buying journey. 

Here are some of the ways we make importing a car easy for our customers. We provide:

  • Friendly and efficient customer service
  • 24-hour customer service (you can reach us any time)
  • Tax-free export
  • Vehicle customization (including customization for banking, security, NGO, hospital, and patient transportation vehicles)
  • Logistics support
  • Highly competitive prices for transporting vehicles
  • Our teams are professional and experienced
  • Our wide range of vehicles makes it easy for you to find a model that fits your budget and needs

Another thing that sets us apart as a motor vehicle exporter is our long track record. Sahara Motors has been supplying vehicles to regions all over the world for over a decade. We also offer bulk supply of vehicles to car traders and companies.

Where You Can Import Vehicles From Sahara Motors

Wondering where you can import the best Toyota vehicle for your needs from Sahara Motors? Not only do we have one of the best Toyota selections available, but we also facilitate exporting to numerous countries around the world. Our export regions include Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. Currently, the only continents we don't export to are North America and Antarctica. Thanks to the reliability and durability of Toyota vehicles, we serve a lot of customers in rugged regions in Africa and South America. As you can see from this map, robust Toyota models dominate in popularity in harsh areas such as Argentine, Peru, Namibia, Angola, Kenya, Australia, and Kazakhstan. However, this doesn't mean we can't provide you with the best Toyota SUV for use in places like Europe. We have built up a vast resource of logistics contacts and solution providers. Wherever you want to transport your new vehicle, we assist you. 

Why You Can Trust Sahara Motors

Working with a company outside of your country of residence can feel daunting. If you are wondering why you should trust Sahara Motors, here are some of the reasons you can rely on us to provide you with seamless service every step of the way. Firstly, Sahara Motors is the #1 brand new car exporter in Dubai. We are a trusted member of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and are ISO certified. Along with this, we also have over a hundred 5-star Google reviews from customers who have done business with us. 

Want to Import the Best Toyota Vehicle for Your Needs? Get in Touch

Can't find the best Toyota for your needs where you are located? Importing a car is not as costly or as difficult as you might think if you work with Sahara Motors. Your satisfaction is our primary goal, and we are committed to providing a reliable service you can count on. Not only that, we want to make buying a new Toyota model and importing it as easy and seamless for you as possible. 

Contact us today to discuss your specific purchase and import needs. 

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